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Human Resources Development Programs

The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) primary Training and Development objective is to develop the Namibian people.

Namport focuses on recruiting, professional, competent staff members into its organizational structure. Namport has initiated various training and development programmes a Bursary Scheme, Apprenticeship and the Seafarer Training programs. These scheme/programme lays the foundation for prospective Human Resources and ensure that Namibia has a skilled work force for the future.

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Human Resources Development Programs overview
1. Namport Bursary Scheme - Full Time Study
2. Apprenticeship Training

2.1 Bursary Scheme
2.2 Job Attachment Scheme

2.2.2 Minimum Qualifications

3. Recruitment and Selection

3.2 Financial Support

1. Namport BURSARY SCHEME - Full Time Study
The renowned Namport Bursary scheme was first introduce in 1997. The scheme gives selected Namibian students the opportunity to receive education to enable them to fill positions within Namport where higher education is a pre-requisite. In time the scheme will also provide tertiary-trained personnel for the broader Namibian economy. Namport Bursary scheme covers full academic fees (including tuition, accommodation, meals, traveling and incidental expenses).

The annual intake of bursars in the field of Engineering (Electrical and Mechanical), Information Technology & Finance and Human Resources are directly linked to Namport’s Human Resources plan. Prospective students are invited through the media during October each year and are selected on the following criteria: -
1. Must be Namibian Citizens
2. Must have a proven record of scholastic achievement
3. Must have relevant Grade 12 subjects on higher grade
4. Must be preferably in the AA target group
5. Must be a second year student at any tertiary institution (University/Technikon)
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Namport, being a relatively small company, does not employ its own apprentices, nor does it operate an apprentice training school. Namport does however recognizes the importance of the training of apprentices in order to conform to its own Human Resources Plan as well as a social responsibility to Namibia. For these reasons an apprentice scheme has been introduced.

Under this scheme, Namport assists the Government of Namibia, in conjunction with the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT), as well as the Windhoek Vocational Training Centre (WVTC) with the training of apprentices in various fields of expertise.

Apprentices trained in Walvis Bay will be registered at the NIMT and those for Lüderitz at the WVTC. Preference, in the case of Lüderitz, will be given to apprentices domiciled in close proximity to Lüderitz.

To download the apprenticeship application form click here>>

Two training schemes are utilized namely:
2.1 Bursary Scheme
2.2 Job Attachment Scheme
2.1 Bursary Scheme
Namport will award a minimum of 6 bursaries per annum to promising apprentices who have completed their first 6 months of theoretical training. Allocation of these bursaries will be determined by the Human Resources Plan of Namport in conjunction with the relevant training institution.

Advertisement of the bursary scheme will be done in conjunction with the relevant training institutions on an annual basis. Such bursaries will provide for the following:
1.1.1 A monthly allowance (pocket money), to be determined by Namport from time to time (excluding unwarranted periods of absence).
1.1.2 Tuition fees subjected to the amount as stipulated by the training centre for the duration of the apprenticeship.
1.1.3 Textbooks and related expenses as determined by the training centre.
1.1.4 Daily transport to and from Walvis Bay and NIMT.
1.1.5 Monthly transport costs to and from Lüderitz and the training centre.
1.1.6 Accommodation costs at the WVTC hostel in the case of apprentices domiciled in the Lüderitz area.
1.1.7 Social Security contribution.
1.1.8 Safety clothing as determined by the training centre.
1.1.9 The administration of the above which is the responsibility of the relevant
training institute. Such training institute shall invoice Namport on a
Monthly basis.
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2.2 Job Attachment Scheme
Namport recognizes that many apprentices studying at the training centres are experiencing great difficulties in finding job attachments for the 6 months of the year when they are expected to obtain practical experience. For this purpose a job attachment scheme has been introduced to assist as many as possible of these apprentices. The number of job attachments will be determined on an annual basis pending budgetary provisions and the Human Resources Plan of Namport.

Selection of these apprentices will be done in conjunction with the relevant training institute. The job attachment scheme will provide for the following:-
1.2.1 A monthly allowance (pocket money) to be determined from time to time (excluding unwarranted periods of absence) only for those periods that the apprentices are physically undergoing training at Namport’s workshops.
1.2.2 Social Security contributions for the attachment period.

2.2.2 Minimum Qualifications In order to qualify for the bursary scheme in the Technical Department of Namport, the trainee should be;

i. At least 18 years of age
ii. Be in possession of a Grade 12, IGSE or senior Certificate with Mathematics and Science.
iii. Recommended by the training institute on an annual basis. In order to qualify for the bursary scheme in the Civil Department of Namport, the trainee should be;

i. At least 18 years of age
ii. Be in possession of a Grade 10 Certificate
iii. Recommended by the training institution on an annual basis. 3 Seafarer Training

Under this scheme Namport sponsors young Namibians to be trained in order to qualify for Deck Officers or Marine Engineering Officers to fill the positions of Port Captain, Marine Manager, Pilots, Tug Masters and Engineers in the organization.

3.1 Recruitment and Selection
Namibians who have shown an aptitude in a seagoing career will be admitted to the scheme after complying with the requirements described in 7.1.1 (i) and passing the medical, eyesight and colour test required by the STCW Convention.

3.1.1 Prospective trainees for the program should be between the ages of
18 and 25 years and must have passed Grade 12 Mathematics HIGCE C; IGCE B, Physical Science HIGCE C and or IGCE B, and English at least IGCE E, or equivalent.
3.2 Financial Support
Namport will provide financial support for the duration of the training period as follows:-
i. A monthly subsistence allowance (pocket money) will be paid to cadets
during periods when the cadets are studying at shore based maritime
institutes, holiday periods and periods traveling to and from such institutes.
This allowance will cease during periods that the cadets are serving aboard
vessels where they will be paid according to the vessel operators’ policies.
ii. Boarding and lodging expenses at establishments approved by
iii. All tuition fees, textbooks, instruments and stationery. However it should
be noted that textbooks and instruments remain the property of Namport and are to be handed to the Namport Training Officer immediately after completing the course. Tuition fees will only be paid once for a course. If a cadet fails a course he or she may repeat the course at his or her own costs if he or she wishes to remain in the program. Failing which the cadet will be removed from the training program.
iv. Cost of daily transport to and from the training institution only
with specific approval from Namport.

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